1. Why Cos4Cloud?

Public participation and collaboration in scientific research to increase scientific knowledge is growing, citizen science benefits both scientists and citizens. In fact, it is one of he eight priorities of the European Open Science Agenda together with the creation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Within this framework, Cos4Cloud aims to integrate citizen science in the EOSC ecosystem.

2. What is the aim of Cos4Cloud project?

Cos4Cloud will co-design, prototype and implement services that address the technological challenges shared by citizen observatories of biodiversity, based on the experience of platforms like: ArtportalenNatusferaiSpotPl@ntNet as well as other environmental quality monitoring platforms like: FreshWater Watch, KdUINO, OdourCollectiSpex and CanAir.ioThe design of new services will be user oriented, engaging a wide range of stakeholders in society, government, industry, academia, agencies, and research to co-design service requirements.

3. Our mission

Integrate Citizen Science in the European Open Science landscape.

Provide user-centered and innovative services using deep machine learning, automatic video recognition, advanced mobile app interfaces, and other cutting-edge technologies that improve the interoperability, networking, data quality, and security within the citizen observatories.

Facilitate the networking and knowledge management processes across organizations, people and initiatives working on citizen observatories.

The final goal is to improve the implementation of existing and future citizen observatories and to contribute to ensuring their sustainability.

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Barcelona, Spain