‘Return to the Sea’ campaign

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Hashtag: #ReturnToTheSea

‘Return to the Sea’ is a citizen science initiative which seeks to collect the maximum number of observations of marine biodiversity on the coastline in July, August and September. Although it is focused on the Catalan coastline, everyone is invited to participate. 

The campaign is encouraging citizens to (re)connect with nature after all these months at home, to discover a wide variety of marine species and to share it with others.

Upload the photos to ‘Return to the Sea’ project on Natusfera


The Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM)

Cos4Cloud: A European project to co-design, prototype and implement services that address the technological challenges shared by citizen observatories. 

Anèl·lides – Serveis ambientals marins: A marine environmental services company 

Xatrac: environmental association 

Oceanicos: Catalan diving center 

Escafandra Calafell: Catalan diving center 

Plàncton diving: Catalan diving centre  

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