Tackle odour pollution with OdourCollect

Join us for the webinar ‘Tackle odour pollution with OdourCollect'!

App OdourCollect: https://odourcollect.eu

You will learn why it is important to measure odour pollution, how citizen science can be an ally to monitor it and how can you participate in OdourCollect project

The webinar is free and will take place online via Zoom and live on Cos4Cloud’s YouTube channel

Registration: To attend you just have to sign up here

The speaker: 

Rosa Arias is CEO and founder of Science for Change. She is a Chemical Engineer with more than ten years’ experience as innovation manager and environmental consultant in air quality, odour pollution at industrial level, sustainability and energy. She is the creator of the citizen science App OdourCollect that empowers citizens to tackle odour pollution.



Science for Change: a company that tackles societal challenges affecting communities using innovative solutions based on citizen science.

OdourCollect app is a citizen science observatory for the citizens to monitor odour pollution. 

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