Service description:

The service MOBIS (Mobile Observation Integration Service) will offer a nice user-friendly interface to get valuable data from smartphone sensors and images. For example: you can take air-pollution measurements using iSPEX (a smartphone add-on to ‘see’ aerosols in the sky’) and a ‘normal’ picture of lichens using the same app. This means that this innovative service will allow citizen scientists to customize their own project by collecting and combining all sorts of useful information from photographs or from low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform, depending on the needs/wishes of the scientific and citizen community.

Development & functioning :

Smartphones have powerful and advanced sensors. Apps can measure all sorts of light, movements and locations, they share a common codebase to interface with standardized backend services and consist of open-source technologies. The mobile platform connects the asynchronous mobile frontend to the scientific backend and makes direct interaction possible. 

The platform aims to combine sensor and user data (with great and legal respect to privacy), doing the reduction on the phone where needed (or backend) and distributing datasets for immediate feedback to the user and further analysis by scientists. 

Innovation for citizen observatories:

  • The service will be user friendly with scientific value and user feedback
  • There is nothing similar in the form of a combination of sensor-apps. (e.g. lichens and air quality).
We are working on this service, it will be available soon!




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