This service facilitates your app or service to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provides access to multiple protected citizen science platforms and services via Single-Sign-On.

Service description:

This service facilitates your app or service complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can register your app or service in In the registration process, you can choose what information you want to request from your users (choose none, one or multiple options, or all of them): 

IdP: to know from which platform or entity users logged into your app (Facebook, Google, University, etc.) 

ID: to create a unique identifier for users 

Profile: to collect personal information from users (name, surname, etc.) 

Email: to collect the user’s email address 

If you don’t select any options, the user acts de-facto anonymously. If you select Profile or Email, you need to provide a privacy statement, informing users what personal information you are going to collect from them, why and what you are going to do with their data! 

Once you have integrated AUTHENIX, your app or service gets an (OpenID Connect) token including the amount of personal information allowed based on your registration.This way, you don’t need to store personal information, which helps you to comply with the European GDPR. 


Innovation for citizen observatories:

It facilitates the GDPR compliance by the citizen science platforms. 

There is nothing similar available. 

This service is already available!

EOSC Marketplace:


GDPR, SAML2, OAuth2, OpenID, Connect

Access to Authenix:


Questions & answers

Yes you can. Additionally, you can be forgotten (all personal data and authorization tokens are deleted). 

Yes, you can obtain the processing history for your personal information (which app requested personal information and when) as JSON or CSV. 

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