Cos4Env: A service that integrates environmental data from multiple citizen observatories in one place: get access to an enormous quantity of data. 

Description of the service

Cos4Env service is an online platform that integrates environmental monitoring data from various citizen observatories, potentially an enormous number of data that are of interest to the expert community. 

Development & functioning:

The portal allows citizen science experts to view and comment on all the environmental measurements in one place. How?

  1. Once logged into the portal, users can search the environmental data they are interested in using multiple criteria, such as ‘type of environmental measurement’: air quality, water quality, temperature, odour, etc.
  2. Experts can contribute their comments all in one place. Then the feedback will go directly to the citizen observatory where the environmental measurement came from.
  3. Users can also download data in a standardised format for their studies or reports.
Cos4Env is ready!

Innovation for citizen observatories:

Currently there aren’t any similar services, such as an aggregate citizen observation system that allows experts to spend less time searching for environmental data. 

Questions & answers

Yes, but it is outside the scope of the Cos4Cloud project. More observatories will be added depending on how the service evolves once the project is finished.

We still have to define what an expert is on Cos4Cloud. For now, the answer would be no.

Co-design highlights

People involved in Cos4Env

Most of the attendees who answered the post-event survey would recommend the co-design session to a friend.


All the attendees who answered the post-event survey found the ‘Miro’ tool very easy to use. 

Want to join the co-design community?

Interact and meet other professionals working in your field

You will be able to network with other professionals and projects.

Help boost the functionalities of citizen observatories

For example, improve species identification with artificial intelligence, data integration from various citizen science platforms, etc.

Be an active part of the open science movement

Cos4Cloud's technical services are open source and are intended to be adapted and improved by the community involved.

Learn about citizen science, technology, and co-design

Also, we will tell you how we have applied co-design feedback in developing the service at the end of the project.