Data use notification

The ‘data use notification’ service is an innovative system for data-use tracking and rewards. This reward system will be useful not only for participants, but also for the research institutions involved and other stakeholders, as a method to evaluate the scientific contributions linked to citizen-observatory data. So, both individual users and citizen observatories will be able to see the impact their contribution has on conservation, scientific knowledge and policy.

It is based on the one developed by Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and currently running on the GBIF portal. It will be implemented and included in the Cos4Cloud framework, using semantic web technologies and existing identifiers: HTTP uniform resource identifiers (URIs), life science identifiers (LSIDs) and digital object identifiers (DOIs). 

The service will automatically notify the authors of the data (e.g. citizen scientists, volunteers, amateurs, scientists) when they are used by others (i.e. papers).

Innovation for citizen observatories:

In the context of the Eyal-Yamakami engagement model, there is a need to search for a novel way to acknowledge and reward participation that offers citizens the chance to recognize authorship and track use of the data they collected in a global context. 

We are working on this service, it will be available soon!


notification, authorship, GUID, URN, observation, source, license, metainformation, recognition