This section includes all public deliverables prepared by the Cos4Cloud partners as part of the requirements of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 863463


D1.5 Cos4Cloud Data Management Plan (DMP)

This document contains the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the Co-designed Citizen Science Observatories Services for the EOS Cloud project (Cos4Cloud). 

D4.5 Customizable Interface service for COS4CLOUD Apps (MOBIS)

Deliverable related to MOBIS service. 

D4.6 Data Use Notification Service

Deliverable related to DUNS service. 

D4.4 Platform for the interactive pre-processing of camera trap images

Deliverable related to FASTCAT-Cloud and FASTCAT-Edge services. 

D4.3 Experts portal for environmental data validation

Deliverable related to Cos4Env portal. 

D4.2 Experts portal for biodiversity data validation

Deliverable related to the service Cos4Bio

D4.1 General purpose of the integration platform

Deliverable related to the service Cos4Bio

D5.2 Co-design as a service: Methodological guide

This report results from the experience and lessons learned in co-designing the thirteen Cos4Cloud services.

D6.1 Identification of and Engagement with Projects of Interests - Report

The report identifies 78 citizen science (CS), citizen observatory (CO) projects, CO portals and other initiatives of interest (past, current and future) that may either contribute to or make use of the Cos4Cloud platform and services.

D6.2 Guidelines on Best Practice for Citizen Observatories (COs) as part of the Cos4Cloud Outreach Methodology

The focus of this report is to demonstrate best practice in citizen observatories through the experiences of COs directly involved in the project.

D6.3 Cos4Cloud Toolbox and Evidence Hub

D6.3 Citizen-science toolbox and evidence hub (renamed as the Cos4Cloud Toolbox and Evidence Hub) has been developed as a legacy collection of different materials and resources. It will be a ‘one stop shop’ of Cos4Cloud best practice demonstrating project results. 

D6.4 Report to demonstrate the Cos4Cloud engagement model

This report analyses the engagement strategy designed and implemented in the Cos4Cloud project, as well as its evaluation.

D6.5 Design and evaluation of school-based citizen science activities - Interim report

D6.5 reports on work conducted within WP6 and more specifically under Sub-Task 6.4.2 (Set-up and evaluation of innovative school-based citizen-science activities).

D6.6 Training materials and Capacity Building

This deliverable demonstrates the training materials and resources being developed to be made available online, as part of the Toolbox; outlines the capacity building framework guiding the development of these materials and reports on how they will be made accessible.

D7.6 Set of Cos4Cloud documentation per stakeholder audience

This deliverable outlines the documentation per stakeholder audience produced in Cos4Cloud, with a particular emphasis on the documentation produced by each of the thirteen services.

D7.7 Sustainability strategy for Cos4Cloud services on EOSC hub

This deliverable consolidates an overview of the sustainability of the services and their challenges in the context of the EOSC.

8.3 Project video

The objective of the deliverable D8.3, produced within the package WP8, is to present a comprehensive promotional video explaining the Cos4Cloud project in two minutes to a general public audience, it is also an invitation to be part of our community and participate in our activities.

D8.3 includes the project video script and the link to the video without subtitles, it also incorporates a small communication plan to promote the video and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure its impact.

D8.4 Evaluation of Kownledge Transfer materials deployed in Cos4Cloud

This Knowledge Transfer Report describes and evaluate Knowledge Transfer activities undertaken by the Cos4Cloud project. 

Cos4Cloud’s methodology to develop and monitor its KT strategy was based on common practices implemented by the H2020 community and on requirements and recommendations from the funding agency, the European Commission.

D8.5 Evaluation of Cos4Cloud project impact

This deliverable evaluates the impact of the Cos4Cloud project considering societal, political, economic, environmental and scientific dimensions.