OdourCollect is a citizen observatory to empower citizens to tackle odour pollution.

Odour pollution is the second reason for environmental complaints in the world, after noise, and it can be a sign of greater environmental problems. OdourCollect is a free app that aims to tackle odour pollution by empowering affected citizens to build collaborative odour maps. The app promotes a driving force of change, encouraging dialogue among citizens, local authorities, industries and experts.

Any citizen can act as an observer and report geo-localized observations on the odour episode, which are open data and can be used to build collaborative odour complaint maps and identify potential odour emitting sources.

Odour observations can be validated by experts to gather data in a particular area where a community is affected by odour pollution and with the aim of co-designing local solutions with relevant stakeholders.

OdourCollect is being implemented in 10 pilot programmes in different countries, under the European D-Noses project: Spain, Chile, Greece, Portugal, Germany, UK, Bulgaria, Italy and Uganda.

The best sensor to measure an odour is the human nose itself. If you want to actively participate in science, you can download the OdourCollect app from the Apple Store, Android or check the website.

  • Language: Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek.
  • Geographical coverage: Local, National, European, International.
  • Coordination and funding: The first version of OdourCollect was developed by Science for Change and produced in the framework of MYGEOSS, a two-year project (2015-2016) by the EU to develop GEOSS-based (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) smart internet applications informing European citizens of the changes affecting their local environment. OdourCollect was one of the 13 winners from 15 European countries in the third MYGEOSS open call for innovative ideas. Nowadays, OdourCollect is the main tool of the D-NOSES project, as a means for co-creating alternative solutions to odour pollution.