Be part of our community!

We want to create a diverse community of people interested in citizen sciencetechnology, and nature to co-create and test the new generation of technological services for citizen observatories. You can find out all the information you need to know to decide which group you want to participate in on this page. Note that everyone is welcome to be part of our community. We are looking for all kinds of profiles to participate in our activities! 

Cos4Cloud community of co-design

We want to enrich the Cos4Cloud project by creating a co-design community. If you join this group, you will collaborate to co-create the ten services we are developing from a bottom-up and a user-centered approach. 

The co-design goes beyond consultation. It is about building and deepening equal collaboration between citizens to resolve a particular challenge. Therefore, if you are part of our community, you will directly contribute to improving citizen science technology. We are looking for people belonging to civil society, citizen observatories’ communities, NGOs, industries and SMEs, local governments and public institutions, and academia. Experts by training, experts by experience, amateurs, and everyone, are welcomed to participate!

Participate in co-design creative sessions

During the co-design sessions, you will be guided by a facilitator through a set of different phases: understanding the service to be co-designed, sharing your opinion and desired functionalities that you think the service should have, evaluating the service usability, etc.​

Make your ideas and solutions come true!

The services will be designed by and for you, so we will consider your feedback, needs, and requirements to maximize the services' usability. Besides, we will keep you tuned with future developments within the project or service.

Be part of a diverse community

You will interact with people from different countries and diverse areas of expertise. Thanks to the different perspectives, we will be able to create new and innovative solutions to boost citizen science technologies. This result would not be possible if each participant tackles the challenge individually. That is why we need you!

You will be able to choose the sessions in which you want to participate

We will carry out three co-design workshops for each of the ten services, from the beginning to the end of the project,!

We will publicly acknowledge your contributions

We will make visible (if you agree) your contribution to the community on our website, on our social media, and at the events we organized.

Cos4Cloud community for testing

Are you interested in citizen science and technology? Do you want to go out to observe nature? Are you involved in a citizen science project of environmental qualityCos4Cloud community for testing is the space for you!

To participate, you do not need specific knowledge; we will have a wide variety of activities to which you can contribute. By joining us, you will collaborate to improve the technological performance of citizen science observatories. Ultimately, you will help overcome the challenges that citizen science communities currently face in processing data, images, and videos. 

Participate in exclusive activities

We will organize different kinds of testing activities such as BioBlitzs (collect biodiversity observations), Hackathons, Datathons, citizen science data analysis and validation, building Do It Yourself (DIY) devices, education, and citizen science, etc. You can join as many activities as you want!

Share you opinions & experiences

During the testing activities (Hackathons, Bioblitzs, Do it Yourself (DIY) tutorials, etc.), we will ask you to document your experiences so that we can improve the services. Of course, you will not be alone, we will guide you along with this task.

Learn & interact with a diverse team

We will offer you to learn about citizen science, technology, nature, and also about citizen science and technology transfer, among other things. Besides, you will interact with a diverse group of people with various abilities (developers, coders, naturalists, makers, etc.).

You will be able to choose the activities in which you want to participate

Note that you do not have to participate in all our activities, only the ones that suit you better!

We will publicly acknowledge your contributions

We will make visible (if you agree) your contribution to the community on our website, on our social media, and at the events we organized.