Enabling open science

The Open Science movement aims to make research results more accessible and impactful. Digital services are key in enabling accessibility and impact, and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) aims to develop a Web of FAIR Data and services for science in Europe upon which a wide range of value-added services can be built. Three EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects – Cos4CloudTRIPLE, and CS3MESH4EOSC – are tightly linked to EOSC. 


Learn more about these three projects!

Each project operates in different sectors of the wider Open Science landscape in Europe, focusing on specific communities and technical solutions. All the projects involved are part of the wider European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem, each focusing on specific aspects or actors of Open Science. They share a common time frame and have complementary objectives. 

Our key results to enable open science

In the context of the EC-funded Horizon Results Booster, the three projects have also co-produced a joint document showcasing their key results that will enable Open Science across scientific communities. Learn more about their results, bringing benefits in citizen science, social sciences and humanities, as well as to service providers for research.

The open-science enabling services are available via the EOSC Portal Marketplace, ensuring they are also accessible outside their specific research communities. 

Cos4Cloud has developed thirteen services to support citizen science projects; TRIPLE has developed a multilingual discovery platform; and CS3MESH4EOSC has created Science Mesh; a platform of data and higher-level services for research.