Interoperability is an essential piece in the Cos4Cloud project to integrate the ten developed services and resources in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem, as well as to find a ‘common vocabulary’ between citizen science observatories, which will make possible to reuse, share or integrate the data between different platforms.  

For this reason, all elements of the ecosystem (citizen observatories, services, data, software, etc.) will be built as independent services but they also will be parts of a single architecture. This modular approach is based on services that use standards and best practices to enable this ‘common language’ among the Cos4Cloud’s services, citizen observatories, and the EOSC.  

CREAF leads the community of practice in interoperability and citizen science. The community of practice was started in the Horizon 2020 WeObserve project and will be continued by the Cos4Cloud project, so all the lessons learned will be integrated and implemented throughout the project. 


To ensure interoperability, Cos4Cloud’s technical work will be tested in interoperability experiments where the modules will demonstrate the capacity to work together in a seamless environment. EOSC requirements will also be tested to ensure the perfect fit of the services within the EOSC infrastructure. 

We are working on this service, it will be available soon!