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Don’t miss the story of Maria Kyriakidou, one of the students!
Cos4Cloud participated in the LIBER 2021 Annual Conference to discuss the role of research libraries in citizen science.
Cos4Cloud did the presentation together with three European projects.
Don’t miss the Cos4Cloud video to find out what the project is about!
A post written by Ciara Davies, student assistant at ECSA and Cos4Cloud.
A post written by Alexis Joly, researcher and leader of Pl@ntNet & LifeCLEF at INRIA.
The objective of the NKUA online teacher training course was to introduce citizen science to key Greek environmental education stakeholders (teachers, officials and teacher training staff).
A post written by Tim Woods – Community & communications officer at the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). At Cos4Cloud, he supports Cos4Cloud’s communications, engagement, and events organization.
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Taking photos of the maximum number of living things on the Catalan coastline, such as birds, plants on the promenade, or underwater species, is the objective of BioMARató.
Can an educational scenario created under the Cos4Cloud teacher training course inspire more teachers and schools apart from those designed for?