11th World Environmental Education Congress

The NKUA will participate in the 11th World Environmental Education Congress!

This is the most prominent international scientific and research conference for environmental education organized every two years, constantly gathering a large and high-status global audience of academics, researchers, educators, policy-makers and other stakeholders and citizens.

There, Maria Daskolia and Naya Grillia will present: “Integrating citizen science into environmental education/education for sustainable development within the Cos4Cloud project: Evaluation of an online training course engaging Greek stakeholders“. The formative qualitative evaluation research study to be reported was conducted from the outset to completion of the six-month online teacher training course on “Citizen Science and Environmental Education for Sustainability” carried out during 2021. The evaluation aimed to capture the participants’ views and reflections throughout their training experience and explore their needs and expectations from the overall design and specific aspects of the course’s implementation. The evaluation also aimed to depict the participants’ responses to the course’s goals.