BIO-DATAthon: A unique validation event of biodiversity data!

Do you enjoy identifying species names? The BIO-DATAthon is made for you!

The activity aims to validate species names of the biodiversity observations coming from several citizen science platforms, such as Natusfera, Pl@ntNet or Artportalen; you can validate terrestrial or marine images, depending on your expertise!

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Citizen observatories, such as Artportalen or Pl@ntNet, are platforms where volunteers update and identify all kinds of biodiversity images. Some of these observations are now available in Cos4Bio, a new online platform that integrates observations on biodiversity from various citizen science platforms. The aim of this platform is that you, as an expert (by learning or experience), get access to an enormous number of species observations, download all the data you are interested in and, when possible, contribute to validating species identifications in the same place to improve biodiversity data quality. Currently, some of the observations gathered in Cos4Bio have already been identified. Still, we need your help to double-check the species names to improve data quality and be able to use these data in scientific papers, national biodiversity data libraries, etc. Cos4Bio is a service developed by Bineo Consulting in the Cos4Cloud framework.

When? This online event will take place from the 7th of December until the 15th of January; you can do it from home when it fits you better; no pressure!

Who is this event for? It is aimed at experts (by learning or by experience) who can identify species names (any taxon!). For example, you can be specialised in some species of frogs, Mediterranean birds, plants, molluscs, sponges or fishes and only validate these taxons.

Why participate?

  • You will be part of a big international citizen science community and all your validations will be publicly acknowledged on the Cos4Cloud website and in a dedicated piece of news.
  • You will contribute to improving citizen science data quality.
  • You will test how this new service ‘Cos4Bio’ works and help us keep improving it.

Organiser: Cos4Cloud project, a Horizon2020 project to boost citizen science technologies, Bineo Consulting & ICM-CSIC (Cos4Cloud’s coordinator).