Bio-Datathon Athens: trees for life, trees for learning

This is not an open event. 

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This training activity aims to map and analyse data about trees in Athens. Participants will use citizen science technologies and tools developed by Cos4Cloud to do so. 

In particular, they will learn to use: MINKA, MECODA and Pl@ntNet-API

As a result, students will devise and briefly describe the idea/concept for an environmental education scenario targeting either high school students or students in the last years of primary school, in which you incorporate a similar citizen science activity. 

The activities’ report will be published in the Journal MINKA section  presenting the analysis of the data collected that answers at least the following questions using MECODA-Orange:

  • What are the most frequent species of trees in Athens? 
  • What is the geographical distribution of the trees in Athens? 
  • Which are the most active users uploading observations?