“Citizen Science, Active Citizens and Environmental Education for Sustainability”: a teacher training webinar by NKUA

On Tuesday April the 5th 2022, the NKUA team in collaboration with the School Activities Coordinator in the Primary Education Directorate of Pella in Northern Greece will host a webinar under the title "Citizen Science, Active Citizenship and Environmental Education for Sustainability". Participation is open to school teachers from all over the country.

The NKUA team will give the following key note presentations:

– “Environmental Education for Sustainability and Citizen Science: Empowering the students to become active citizens in their schools and communities” (Maria Daskolia). 

– “Digital Citizenship for the environment and sustainability through the Cos4Cloud’s Citizen Observatories” (Dimitris Gotzos).

– “From school to the neighbourhood and the community: Ideas for doing environmental education for sustainability using the Cos4Cloud’s citizen science tools” (Matrona Pappa, Menia Daskalaki & Anna Trigatzi).