Four Cos4Cloud’s services are already available on the EOSC Market, find out which!

In 2021 Cos4Cloud made available Cos4Bio, Authenix, MOBIS and Pl@ntNet-API on the EOSC Market, a growing catalogue of resources and services for open science, coordinated by the European Open Science Cloud initiative.
Image credit: EOSC portal.


This service has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing users to query the Pl@ntNet identification engine, which means that you will be able to integrate Pl@ntNet’s visual identification engine into your app. This service is available to developers, researchers and other citizen science observatories interested in plant biodiversity. 

Access Pl@ntNet-API in the EOSC Market 


It is a service that integrates biodiversity observations from multiple citizen observatories in one place: save time in the species identification process and get access to an enormous number of observations. 

Access Cos4Bio in the EOSC Market 


It is a service to create integrative citizen science apps to report all your environmental and biodiversity observations in one Android or iOS app. For example, you can take air-pollution readings using iSPEX (a smartphone add-on to ‘see’ aerosols in the sky’) and a ‘normal’ picture of lichens using the same app.

Access MOBIS in the EOSC Market 


This service allows registered applications and services to log in to multiple digital platforms using one authentication GDPR-compliant service.

Access Authenix in the EOSC Market 

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