Cos4Cloud’s services infographics: discover how we boost citizen science technologies!

The Cos4Cloud project has designed a series of infographics to explain the services the project is developing to boost the citizen science technologies. All of them are already available to download!
CC0 image. Source: Pxhere.

Twelve services to tackle citizen science challenges


  • Authenix is a service that facilitates compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing unique user IDs to overcome data silos in independent citizen science platforms or services. Download the infographic.


  • Cos4Env is an online portal that integrates environmental data from multiple citizen observatories in one place so that anyone can get access to an enormous quantity of data. Download the infographic.


  • Cos4Bio is an online portal that integrates biodiversity observations from multiple citizen observatories in one place. This way, people who validate the observations will save time in the species identification process and access an enormous number of biodiversity data. Download the infographic.


  • DUNS (Data Use Notification Service) is a centralised service to (1) register usage of the citizen science observations downloaded from the Cos4Bio and Cos4Env portals and (2) make this information available to the citizen observatory the observation comes from. The aim is to help make citizen observatories aware of how their data is used and reward their users’ contributions. Download the infographic.


  • MOBIS is a service to create integrative citizen science apps where you can report all your environmental and biodiversity observations in one Android or iOS app. Download the infographic.



  • FASTCAT-Cloud is a website to upload and analyse all your nature videos and pictures captured by camera traps and receive only information on relevant images and recordings of wildlife activity and quickly identify the species names with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Download the infographic.




  • AI-taxonomist is a service to integrate automatic identification tools customisable to your citizen science project needs: help your users identify the species from a picture. Download the infographic.



  • Biodiversity-DL is a service to create a training set on a particular group of living organisms for machine learning applications. This way, any developer or data scientist working on a citizen observatory will be able to train an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to identify a particular group of species very easily. Download the infographic.

All these services are or will be available in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Marketplace.

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