ECSA 2022 Conference: Citizen Science for Planetary Health

The ECSA 2022 Conference invites researchers from all disciplines, civil society actors, citizen scientists, policy decision-makers and all interested in the topic in Europe and worldwide to reflect, discuss and network around the topic of “Citizen Science for Planetary Health”.

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash.

Cos4Cloud contribution

Several members of Cos4Cloud participate as speakers at the ECSA Conference 2022. Among other activities, we have organised:

The workshop ‘Co-designing solutions for the sustainability and governance of citizen observatories‘.

The presentation ‘A new theoretical engagement model for citizen science projects: using enablers to overcome long term public  engagement challenges’, by Sonia Liñán, ICM researcher and part of the Cos4Cloud coordination team.

The presentation ‘Empowering people to analyze data through visual programming. Breaking technological barriers with MECODA’, by Ana Álvarez, researcher at ICM-CSIC.

The poster ‘Integrating Citizen Science in EOSC: Lessons Learnt’, by Andreas Matheus (Secure Dimensions), Joan Masó (CREAF & GRUMETS-UAB) and Kaori Otsu (CREAF & GRUMETS-UAB).

Also, the following presentations related to citizen science and education led by NKUA: ‘Integrating citizen science in school environmental education within the European Cos4Cloud project: overall strategy and supporting actions’; ‘Citizen observatories as educational tools in school environmental education: “My own private 1m2” and “Scenting around-the-walk: the environmental odours’ trail“‘; ‘Children as young researchers and intergenerational ambassadors of Citizen Observatories: A case study of a pedagogical use of Pl@ntNet within an environmental education project’ and the posters ‘Expanding the learning potential of a citizen observatory – Young students as contributors, players and designers of a digital game in a school environmental education project’; What happened to the Forest of Giants?” Integrating a citizen science tool in an interdisciplinary environmental education project for monitoring the flora in the suburban forest of Parnitha.

About the Conference

Why “Citizen Science for Planetary Health”? Because the health of our planet is at risk. To preserve and support the well-being of all life on Earth, we need the commitment and efforts of everyone – policy makers, the public, business, science and research. Citizen science offers effective and innovative ways to do transdisciplinary research and influence decision-making in multiple areas and ways. Citizen science is particularly suited to connect diverse fields and diverse actors in the common endeavour of collaborating in research.