Education in the 21st century – Contemporary challenges and concerns

NKUA will participate as one of the speakers in the International Conference "Education in the 21st century - Contemporary challenges and concerns"organized by the Department of Primary Education of the University of Ioannina in Northwestern Greece.

In the dedicated session the NKUA team (Maria Daskolia, Anna Trigratzi, Matrona Pappa, Menia Daskalaki, Dimitris Gkotzos) will present part of their research activity within the Cos4Cloud project by giving a talk on “Collaborative design of educational scenarios aiming at the integration of Citizen Science in school Environmental Education: methodology and results of the evaluation research“. This paper argues that developing synergies between citizen science and environmental education is both possible and compatible due to their many similarities and for the benefit of education and the collective efforts towards sustainability. It also outlines the Cos4Cloud project’s framework of principles and practices to support the integration of citizen science in school environmental education. By participating in this conference, the NKUA team aspires to disseminate the Cos4Cloud project and communicate the actions it is implementing and the educational and school network it is setting up to the wider academic and school community in Greece, toward the integration of the project’s technologies in school education.