Get access to an enormous quantity of environmental citizen science data in Cos4Env portal

Cos4Env service is an online platform that integrates environmental monitoring data from various citizen observatories, potentially an enormous number of data that are of interest to the expert community. 

Infographic explaining Cos4Env. Design: Lucas Wainer.

The portal allows citizen science experts to view and comment on all the environmental measurements in one place. How?

  1. Once logged into the portal, users can search the environmental data they are interested in using multiple criteria, such as ‘type of environmental measurement’: air quality, water quality, temperature, odour, etc.
  2. Experts can contribute their comments all in one place. Then the feedback will go directly to the citizen observatory where the environmental measurement came from.
  3. Users can also download data in a standardised format for their studies or reports.

Find all the information related to its development in this link (Deliverable 4.3). 

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