“Herbs in Our Lives – Citizen Science and Environmental Education”: a new citizen science webinar by NKUA in the context of a Greek national environmental education network

The NKUA, in collaboration with the Environmental Education Centre of Makrinitsa at Pelion, organize a webinar for school teachers and other school education stakeholders from all over Greece, on Monday 4 April 2022, 18:00-21:00 pm.

The theme of the seminar is “Herbs in our livesn – Citizen Science and Environmental Education“. The webinar is being implemented in the framework of the national environmental education network “Herbs in our lives“, which is coordinated by the Environmental Education Center of Makrinitsa, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education.

More than 1000 Greek school teachers and other education stakeholders from all over the country have applied to attend the webinar. Speakers will be the NKUA team with the following contributions:

  • Maria Daskolia: “Citizen Science and Environmental Education: A mutually beneficial partnership for nature, science and education”.
  • Dimitris Gotzos: “Identification and recording of herbs and aromatic plants with the digital platforms and apps of the Citizen Observatories of the Cos4Cloud project”.
  • Anna Trigatzi, Matrona Pappa & Menia Daskalaki: “Environmental Education Scenarios based on the Cos4Cloud’s digital citizen science technologies”. And more particularly:
  • Anna Trigatzi: “Narrating botanical stories with Pl@ntnet in the suburban forest”
  • Matrona Pappa: “Young explorers of herbs in the stream/river that flows in our neighbourhood with Pl@ntnet and Natusfera”
  • Menia Daskalaki: “Scent of school – scent of neighbourhood, having Pl@ntnet and OdourCollect as our guides”.