iForum LIVE! session: Cos4Cloud services – Why are we integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Plantnet API into iSpot?

Join the event to discover how artificial intelligence can help you identify plants and animals in the citizen science platform iSpot!

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August 4,  3 – 4 pm BST / 4 – 5 pm CEST. Online, www.ispotnature.org Forum

iSpot, one of the citizen observatories participating in Cos4Cloud, has been trialling the integration of two Cos4Cloud image recognition technologies, FASTCAT-Cloud and the Pl@ntNet-API, into its platform since June 2022. During the iForum they will explain why iSpot team is integrating FASTCAT-Cloud and the Pl@ntNet-API into iSpot and invite the attendees to join an iForum LIVE! to share their insights and create a debate on the chat. Also, they will explain to you how you can test the services and share your feedback with us in the ‘iSpot Cos4Cloud User Group’.

How can you join?

If you are not an existing iSpot user**, you will need to register, activate your account and log into the iSpot Forum!

*If you are not registered or have not used the site in some time or never used the iSpot Forum before, please register and log in ahead of the start time.

What are iForum LIVE! events? They consist of chat discussions at scheduled times with community members in the iSpot Forum. The main difference between iForum LIVE! and regular iSpot Forum topic messaging is that a host or hosts facilitate these as LIVE chat events, so users are invited to join at specific times. These events are promoted on the website (and sometimes through targeted emails), and users can participate and chat LIVE or visit and contribute messages/posts after. Some sessions on focused topics, like this event, can be made private to a closed iSpot user group or made accessible by invitation only. 

Event organisers

The Open University and iSpot in the Cos4Cloud framework.