Let’s co-design Cos4Bio during the CitSciVirtual event!

Contribute to improving citizen science technologies by giving your opinion on the specific technological services!

During this session, we will use a tailored co-design methodology for co-designing the Cos4Cloud service Cos4Bio. Cos4Bio is a platform that will integrate observations on biodiversity from different citizen observatories, and that will allow citizen science users to view and identify all observations in one place. You will share your opinion and comments about this service, and it will enable us to develop a more usable and tremendously useful service!

Join us on the 18th of May from 19:30 until 21:00 (CET)

How will you do it?

We will work on a “problem-solution” basis and we will use the Cos4Cloud co-design methodology and a Miro board. You will participate in different dynamics. 

1 – The first dynamic will serve to detect challenges

2-  The second dynamic will focus on finding solutions to these challenges. 

All the dynamics will be centralized in a Miro board, where you will be able to interact, write and observe.


Cos4Cloud team members will help you and guide you during the co-design process:

  • Co-design facilitators: Blanca Guasch, Science for Change; Karen Soacha & Sonia Liñán (ICM-CSIC) and Ángela Justamante (CREAF). 

  • Service developer facilitator: Bineo, a technological consulting firm leading the development of Cos4Bio service.