Let’s talk about citizen observatories!

Learn from experts which are the opportunities and challenges of citizen observatories in the age of global change and crisis such as COVID-19 and learn about these main points
  1. What is the future role of citizen observatories, taking into account the current challenges like pandemics and global change?
  2. What are the main challenges that citizen observatories are facing? And how to tackle them?
  3. What could be the role of communities in the evolution of citizen observatories?


  • Margaret GoldCurrently works at the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) as project officer on WeObserve project.
  • Joan Masó: Researcher at CREAF, among others, participates in Cos4Cloud project.
  • Jaume PieraResearcher at the ICM-CSIC and associate researcher at the CREAF and coordinator of Cos4Cloud project.
  • Karen Soacha: Researcher at ICM-CSIC and part of the coordination team of Cos4Cloud.

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