New upcoming seminar by NKUA in the Sounio National Park!

The NKUA will participate in a teacher training seminar entitled: "The new cultural and environmental trails in the Sounion National Park", organised by the Lavrio Environmental Education Centre and the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education in the North Athens and East Attica region.
Photo: Souriza valley within Cape Sounio National Par.

The main objective of this seminar is to explore the remains of the Souriza Valley within the Sounion National Park, a Natura 2000 protected natural and cultural heritage site in Attica. As part of the seminar, the NKUA plans to organise a mini Bioblitz activity to be led by Dimitris Gkotzos together with Varvara Petridou and Vera Vorylla (both of them Environmental Education Coordinators, who participated in the online six-month teacher training course by NKUA) for teachers to monitor the biodiversity of the Souriza valley. Maria Kayafa and Irini Michailidou, Director and Deputy Director of the Lavrion EEC, respectively, who were also participants in the online six-month teacher training course by NKUA, will collaborate in the activity. The seminar is expected to be attended by 40 teachers.