NKUA participates in the webinar ‘The school as a hub for the transformation of the food system’

NKUA team recently participated in this webinar held on May 18, 2022. This event aimed to raise awareness among Greek teachers on the role of schools as nodes for the food system transformation.
Screenshot of the NKUA presentation.

The event was organised by the Hellenic-Germanic Education school in collaboration with the Environmental Education Lab of the NKUA and the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of the greater Athens area.

Dimitris Gotzos and Maria Pliota, both NKUA associates in the Cos4Cloud project, gave a presentation entitled: ‘Food for learning or learning for food? Using citizen science and citizen observatories in educational activities to create school vegetable gardens’. This presentation aimed to demonstrate how two of the citizen observatories participating in Cos4Cloud, Natusfera and Pl@ntNet, can provide helpful scientific and pedagogical tools to achieve this goal.

A total of 65 Greek teachers attended the webinar.

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