Open Geospatial Consortium meeting session at the Singapore Geospatial Festival

Credit: Singapore Geospatial Festival.
  • DDQ, Secure Dimensions and CREAF, all Cos4Cloud partners, will participate in the Singapore Geospatial Festival 2021. Specifically, they will be part of an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) members’ meeting session on citizen science. It will be an opportunity to present their work in the Cos4Cloud framework. 

Thursday, the 16th of September, 8:00am (CEST

Find the agenda in this link. 

Singapore Geospatial Festival 2021 brings the international geospatial community together for co-located activities promoting GPS/location-based and mapping innovation. The event is organised by GeoWorks, Singapore Land Authority’s geospatial industry centre.