Our first year attending ECSA conference!

The European conference for citizen and participatory science (ECSA Conference 2020) has been an intense and fruitful event. As it is an opportunity to share, discuss, and learn about citizen science.

ECSA conference is an opportunity to share, discuss, and learn about citizen science from lots of perspectives: policy, SDGs, education, data protection, technology, etc. It took place online during the week from 6th September until 11th.

The Cos4Cloud team was fully engaged in the conference and participated in some of the sessions, including one to introduce the project to the entire community: “Integrating citizen science in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) – Challenges and opportunities for developing a new generation of citizen science observatories”. Jaume Piera, Cos4Cloud coordinator, ICM-CSIC researcher and associate researcher at CREAF, was the speaker.  

“The event has been a good moment to make Cos4Cloud public and explain our main goal: to overcome the challenges of citizen observatories by evolving technological tools that will make it easier to connect users, citizen observatories, data, etc.”, states Piera. 

Besides, Karen Soacha, part of Cos4Cloud’s coordination team and ICM-CSIC researcher, shared a poster based on the governance roadmap for a citizen science network document in which she is working. The goal of her work is to guide people and organizations that wish to create or strengthen a citizen science network. She is working on this document with Mariana Varese, who is director of Amazon landscapes and the citizen science for the Amazon project at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Claudia Maria Villa, coordinator of the training at the Colombian Humboldt Institute, and Jaume Piera. 

Governance roadmap. By Soacha Godoy, K.; Varese, M.; Villa, C.; Piera, J.

We have also collaborated with a poster that the Iberoamerican Network of Participatory Science (RICAP) presented, focused on explaining citizen science from the Iberoamerican perspective. And with the Horizon 2020 PANELFIT project, which expounded the information pack that the project is creating on ethical and legal issues around Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). 

Members of the Cos4Cloud team also participated in different talks related to other projects of which they are part. We cannot wait to attend the next ECSA conference edition!

Be part of the Cos4Cloud community

During our presentation we encourged all the participants to be part of our community to contribute to create the new generation of services for citizen observatories by joining any of these groups: co-design of the services, advisory panels or testing of our services in your citizen observatory. If you did not attend to our presentation or you did not keep the link, for joining us, you only have to ‘click’ here.

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