Pl@ntNet-API: two success cases

Credit: Unsplash, CCO.

Pl@ntNet-API, one of the 13 services developed by Cos4Cloud, has been recently integrated into the “Planty” app, a plant identifier app developed by PlusMinusOne and used by thousands of users worldwide. Thanks to the API, Planty will improve users’ experience by helping them identify the plant species. 

But this is not all; a group of researchers s also used Pl@ntNet-API in one of their last scientific publications on BioHackrXiv. The main idea of the study was to feed iNaturalist photographs of specific pollinators into Pl@ntNet to obtain information about which plants pollinators are visiting to (1) assess the accuracy of Pl@ntNet identifications, (2) create a list of plant species, (3) identify possible flower colour preferences and (4) recognise possible other ecological interactions captured in the images. 

Pl@ntNet-API is openly available on the EOSC Market.

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