Engaging the society beyond data collection

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A Predicted Ocean Engaging the Society beyong data collection

The challenges of ocean monitoring require data from everywhere at all times, we need to involve society in all steps of the process to achieve the information necessary to implement evidence-based policies in coastal and ocean management.

This workshop is a Satellite Activity of the Event “A Predicted Ocean”, an Ocean Decade Laboratory organized in the framework of the United Nations Decade of Ocean for Sustainable Development.



Analysing the challenges in volunteer participation and engagement

September 16th, 12:00h – 15:00 (CEST), online

The workshop will analyse different challenges in volunteer participation in ocean monitoring projects: from potential barriers for volunteer participation up to how to improve the management of the cost and oceans developing evidence-based policies using in some cases the information generated in these participative processes.

The workshop “Engaging the society beyond data collection” will be divided into two parts:

  • First part:  an overview of lessons learned in previous and ongoing projects.
  • Second part: moderated discussion (both in English and Spanish) with all the involved actors, including academia, industry, policymakers and civil society
The workshop is organized by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) together with the Cos4Cloud project


Who can participate?

This workshop is aimed at all the communities interested in participatory coastal monitoring: Academia, Industry (particularly SMEs), Policy Makers, and Civil Society (NGOs, local groups, environmental associations, Schools, …).



12:00 – 12:15h ¦ Welcome and introduction: Jaume Piera (ICM-CSIC)

12:15h – 13:30h ¦ An overview of previous and ongoing experiences:

  • Ocean Cities. Josep Lluís Pelegrí (ICM-CSIC)
  • Australian Coasts. Libby Hepburn (ACSA)
  • Wadden Sea. Soledad Luna (W-S World Heritage)
  • Capturing Our Cost. Luigi Ceccaroni (EarthWatch Europe)
  • Urban Beaches. Andrea Comaposada (Anel·lides)


13:30h – 13:35h ¦  Break

13:35h -14:35h ¦ Interactive session: going beyond data collection:

  • Breakout Room 1. English session
  • Breakout Room 2. Spanish session


14:35h – 14:50h ¦ Plenary discussion

14:55h ¦ Closing remarks