Testing workshop: innovative tools to introduce citizen science into schools

This is not an open event.

Official banner. Credit: Cos4Cloud.

The workshop aims to show participants how to use some innovative citizen science tools in the environmental and biodiversity field to integrate them into your school curricula. In particular the workshop will explain how to use two citizen science platforms: OdourCollect & MINKA. Moreover, we will organise an outdoor exercise to report odours using OdourCollect and take plant pictures to upload them in Minka. In addition, participants will learn (1) how artificial intelligence can help identify plant species and (2) how analyse the data you collect with our service MECODA.

Also, we will briefly introduce some other citizen science tools that can be interesting to use with school students.

Workshop organised by NKUA jointly with the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Science for Change and CREAF, as part of the activities of the European Cos4Cloud project.