The BioMARató: a competition that brings the biodiversity of the Catalan coasts closer to citizens

Taking photos of the maximum number of living things on the Catalan coastline, such as birds, plants on the promenade, or underwater species, is the objective of BioMARató.
BioMARató 2021 official banner.

The BioMARató is one of the largest citizen science and marine observations events to be held in Catalonia between the end of April and early May, as well as throughout the summer of 2021.

This is a BioBlitz promoted by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) together with the Cos4Cloud project, the company Anèl·lides – Serveis ambientals marins, the environmental association Xatrac, and two diving centers: Oceánicos, and Plàncton Diving and the Calonge and Sant Antoni city council, which seeks to promote conservation and awareness of the marine ecosystem.

Anyone can participate, both by signing up for one of the organized activities or by photographing living beings on their own. The objective is to enjoy nature, take as many photographs of living beings and upload them to the ‘BioMARató’ project of the Natusfera citizen science platform.

Natusfera is a virtual field notebook where you can collect observations of nature. Furthermore, this platform allows you to interact with a large naturalist community that will help you identify the species”, comments Jaume Piera, a researcher at ICM, associate researcher at CREAF, and coordinator of the Cos4Cloud project

This activity will be used by the Cos4Cloud project as the baseline to compare citizen science data and participation before and after the services’ implementation in the citizen science apps.

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