The Cos4Cloud legacy: where can you find our materials and results?

The Horizon 20202 Cos4Cloud project has produced services, materials and other outputs for the citizen science and the European Open Science Cloud communities as a result of over three years.

An interactive infographic explaining the Cos4Cloud ‘journey’ and legacy

Read our interactive infographic to understand the Cos4Cloud journey, achievements and results. It explains in a few interactive slides the Cos4Cloud story from the beginning until the end; you will understand the project value, what challenges the project has addressed in the citizen science context and which products, services, methodologies and results Cos4Cloud has produced for anyone to use them.  

A community in Zenodo to download the Cos4Cloud materials and documents

In addition, Cos4Cloud has created a community in Zenodo to access all the graphic materials, presentations, deliverables, service documentation and guides, among others, that the project has produced. 

The Cos4Cloud Toolbox and Evidence Hub

The Cos4Cloud Evidence Hub and Toolbox is one of the final outputs of the Cos4Cloud project and part of its legacy for the citizen science community, citizen observatories and other interested stakeholders. It consists of an accessible collection of different resources developed and managed by The Open University on behalf of the project partnership. It includes training and capacity-building resources, best practice guidelines, educational resources, case studies and a space for reflection on the content provided. Find more information & access to the platform in this link

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