Exploring marine biodiversity through citizen science

UrbamarBIO is a citizen science project to explore the marine biodiversity of coastal urban areas in Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besós and Badalona (Catalonia, Spain), ​​strengthening the links between citizenship and urban natural resources, thus increasing the feeling of relevance and co-responsibility in its preservation. and conservation.

This project gives the possibility for citizens to collaborate in the research of urban marine biodiversity, through free snorkelling and diving sessions and with a simple protocol of citizen science in the Natusfera platform. In this way, the species that can be found on its beaches are known, as well as the state of these.


  • Bringing science closer and stimulating citizen participation in scientific processes and data collection,
  • Encourage experimentation and practical science among the youngest,
  • To promote a sustainable use preservation of coastal zones,
  • Improve the knowledge of urban biodiversity,
  • Create the first photographic guide of the coast of Barcelona made through citizen participation.