Deliverables & Publications

This section includes all public deliverables prepared by the Cos4Cloud partners as part of the requirements of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 863463


6.1 Identification of and Engagement with Projects of Interests - Report

The report identifies 78 citizen science (CS), citizen observatory (CO) projects, CO portals and other initiatives of interest (past, current and future) that may either contribute to or make use of the Cos4Cloud platform and services.


Mapping citizen science contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability Science

Citizen science is already contributing to 5 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators, and it could contribute to 76 indicators, which, together, equates to around 33%, according to a recent study published on Sustainability Science.

Recommended readings

Recommended reading

The service will allow the aggregation of massive sets of image data related to large groups of species, using the API’s of several platforms and citizen observatories, in order to facilitate the learning of efficient AI models for automated identification.