The last edition of the Cos4Cloud newsletter!

Cos4Cloud has officially ended; however, its legacy and results for the citizen science community are openly available to reuse the ones you want. This newsletter includes the links to access the Cos4Cloud materials and results and the latest news. Download our 8th newsletter here. Keep collaborating with us But…this is not the end! The Cos4Cloud website will be alive […]

The Cos4Cloud legacy: where can you find our materials and results?

The Horizon 20202 Cos4Cloud project has produced services, materials and other outputs for the citizen science and the European Open Science Cloud communities as a result of over three years. An interactive infographic explaining the Cos4Cloud ‘journey’ and legacy Read our interactive infographic to understand the Cos4Cloud journey, achievements and results. It explains in a […]

The Cos4Cloud journey: reflections from the coordination team

“We designed the Cos4Cloud project to visualize the potential role of citizen observatories both in the field of citizen science research and as collaborative platforms that allow significant improvements in the challenges posed by our society. The connection with the EOSC allowed us to connect with other scientific and technological disciplines. With the final outcomes, […]

We made it! Open resources for citizen observatories!

The final meeting took place on the 2nd and 3rd of February. Two intense days and an opportunity for all partners to share their achievements in the project, discuss how to take advantage of the Cos4Cloud results, evaluate our role in the EOSC and maintain the citizen science communities the project we have created. All […]