Exploring marine biodiversity through citizen science UrbamarBIO is a citizen science project to explore the marine biodiversity of coastal urban areas in Barcelona, Sant Adrià del Besós and Badalona (Catalonia, Spain), ​​strengthening the links between citizenship and urban natural resources, thus increasing the feeling of relevance and co-responsibility in its preservation. and conservation. This project […]

Biomarató Marina Virtual (Virtual Marine Biomarathon)

Biomarató Marina Virtual

Play with us to identify marine species What is the Virtual Marine Biomarathon? Since 2018, the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) and the SME Anel·lides organize the ‘Biomarató Marina’ within the City Nature Challenge (CNC) international competition. Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) the 2020 Marine Biomarathon will be online and you will be able […]