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The EEL/NKUA team introduced the Cos4Cloud project in a webinar about education and environment.
One of the services that the Cos4Cloud project is developing, led by DynAIkon, is ready to use – A post written by Miklas Riechmann, developer at DynAIkon and Cos4Cloud team member.
The open-access book ‘The Science of Citizen Science’ was recently published by Springer Nature.
Democratizing air quality monitoring is the primary goal of CanAirIO, a Colombian citizen science initiative and one of the projects that participate in Cos4Cloud.
What has been achieved by some of these citizen observatories? Watch the video that we have just released to find it out!
Seven citizen science experts have been elected to be part of the new ECSA’s board of directors, they will establish the ECSA’s strategy for the next three years.
Green Europe, cohesion and cooperation, and empowering citizens were the themes of the European Week of Regions and Cities in 2020.
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The Cos4Cloud project coordinator, Jaume Piera, talks about how the project was born and citizen science new opportunities within the new European Open Science Cloud context.
The initiative has received 133 observations from citizens of 57 different marine species.
If you missed the webinar ‘Monitoring plant biodiversity with Pl@ntNet’ or just want to refresh the content, you can watch the full recording!