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The Cos4Cloud project coordinator, Jaume Piera, talks about how the project was born and citizen science new opportunities within the new European Open Science Cloud context.
The initiative has received 133 observations from citizens of 57 different marine species.
If you missed the webinar ‘Monitoring plant biodiversity with Pl@ntNet’ or just want to refresh the content, you can watch the full recording!
Joan Masó, a researcher at CREAF and GRUMETS and leader of the interoperability work package at the Cos4Cloud project participated in the Geospatial Sensing virtual 2020.
Citizen science is already contributing to monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Our nose is a powerful sensor, the perception of a smell can recall us a memory, an unpleasant sensation, a taste, etc. but also can be an ‘alert signal’ of larger environmental issues, which can involve potential health or sanitary problems.
The first version of an application programming interface (API) is now available.
The EEL/NKUA team participated in the 8th Annual Conference of the Greek Teachers Association for Environmental Education.
The European conference for citizen and participatory science (ECSA Conference 2020) has been an intense and fruitful event. As it is an opportunity to share, discuss, and learn about citizen science.
‘Return to the Sea’ a citizen science campaign to (re)connect with nature, to discover a wide variety of marine species and to share it with others.
The European Union promotes Cos4Cloud (Co-designed citizen observatories for the EOS-Cloud)
Is the citizen science concept the same as citizen observatory? Which are their challenges and their role in society?